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Our Mission

How often have you bought a new gadget for your kitchen only to have it end up collecting dust in a cupboard or drawer, or splurged on an expensive appliance and then realized that it was a bad fit for you or your family? We've done it so often that we decided to create ChoosyKitchen to help you find the best kitchen product for your specific needs -- no more buyer's remorse. We do all the research. You pick the product that is right for you and put it to work.

Our History

ChoosyKitchen was launched in March 2017 as a service of ConsumerSearch because we wanted to recognize the importance of the kitchen in our lives. It's a gathering place, a workspace and the spot where we nourish ourselves and those we love (fun fact: three meals a day, times 365 days a year is 1,095 possible meals to fix!). Creating ChoosyKitchen allows us to tailor our research to more specifically focus on the different lifestyle factors that people need to consider when shopping for their kitchen essentials. Although ChoosyKitchen may be new, it's produced by the same ConsumerSearch team that has been providing quality reviews since 1999.

Our Process

The editors and writers at ChoosyKitchen thoroughly research every single product category they are responsible for. That includes evaluating online sources, searching journal and magazine databases, and personally examining thousands of owner reviews to include only the most relevant. In addition, we are all homebodies and food lovers (and maybe a wine lover or two) who bring our own experience and perspective to this job. We NEVER accept donations or free products from manufacturers, nor include products for promotional considerations; we are entirely impartial and unbiased. Each of the reports we prepare includes a top choice in several common categories that are ChoosyKitchen's pick for what we consider to be the best product for most people. In addition, we offer a runner up that might be a better fit for your budget or lifestyle. For example, our Best Reviewed selection might be a heavy duty alternative for those who are going to use that product every day, while the runner up could be a more appropriate (and often less expensive) choice for occasional use.

The Team

Damon McClure, General Manager

I am excited by the launch of ChoosyKitchen. A more focused site around just kitchen products will allow us to create new content to support our regular reviews, and build features specific to shopping for kitchen products.

Kelly Burgess, Senior Editor

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm one of the wine lovers referenced above. I also love food and cooking and am a fanatic about using the right tools in my kitchen, whether that's the right santuko knife for mincing onions, the best food processor for making a no-fail emulsion, or a refrigerator that actually will accommodate the items I need to store in it. I've been writing product reviews since 2010, and have years of experience cooking for picky eaters, big crowds, and now two empty nesters. That gives me a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to making my choices for the best products.

Carl Laron, Senior Editor

I love to eat; cooking and clean up, not so much. Because of that, I'm always on the lookout for that perfect appliance or gadget for the kitchen to speed up and simplify the not-so-fun parts (at least to us) so that my family and I can get right to enjoying the fruits of our labors. I've been reviewing products since the days when a kitchen was a stick over an open fire (well, not really, it only seems that way), and been part of the ConsumerSearch staff since 2006. And, oh yes, did I say I really love to eat?

Contributing Editors

Amy Livingston
Angela Stringfellow
Lisa Maloney
Saundra Latham
Tara Tuckwiller